Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

This year life got in the way of a lot of things I intended to do and one of those things was Valentines for my friends and family. However, I did do something for Valentines Day.

Two of the great grand children came yesterday and 11 year old Grace wanted to make a mini quilt for her mother. She picked out some fabric and we fused some hearts on a background and layered it up. At that point I was running out of steam and we put it aside to finish up today.  She stitched some quilting lines and along the edges and we trimmed the edges with a rotary pinking blade. She wanted to make something for her father too "so he wouldn't feel left out". We picked out something for a smaller Valentine mini quilt/card and fused a heart on it and finished it the same way as the one for her mother.

Grace at the sewing machine

 I suggested she make a card for her grandparents. Her grandmother (my daughter) came in the room as we were making her fathers card and admired the fabric we were using for the fused heart. She used what she cut away around the heart to fuse on a piece of card stock for a quick card. She was eager to finish and go out to play in the snow so we wanted something fast.These are her 3 projects on the right. She was all dressed to go out in the snow and didn't want to get undress to a photo shoot.

When she came back in she changed her clothes and I had to get a picture of her in her outfit with her penguin sweater, tutu style skirt and striped socks. A girl after my own heart!

On the right is a shot of the sewing room when we finished. It is a huge mess but so worth it for all the fun we had.


Annie said...

What a sweetie she is. And what a loving mess you were left with. LoL

Mary Ann said...

What a fun day!

Dianne said...

I see the creation of a future basement diva! Dianne