Friday, February 6, 2015

Snow, Snow and More Snow

I really would be content to never see any snow again but I will admit it is pretty to look at when it is clean and fresh and when the sun makes it sparkle like diamonds. The sun was out yesterday but a photo does not capture the sparkle it does however show how deep it is when I show a shot of the picnic table and benches out in back, (on the left). The middle shot shows the icicles looking out at the bird feeder also in the back and the right photo is looking out toward the street, that one long icicle is almost down to the ground. In all the photos you can see that the sun is out and I love the way it makes shadows across the snow on the ground.

  We did go out for a short time yesterday just to get out of the house for a while. Today we are staying in again and I am working on quilting the tablecloth. Miss Kitty has been sleeping in a doll bed under the table and keeping me company while I sew.
 When I am sitting at the computer she gets up on my sewing chair  former sewing chair and gets my attention by tapping me on my arm or shoulder and saying "n-n-now". This face shot of her shows her looking at me to see how I am going to respond. She  will be 15 this May and she is showing her age but she still plays and is curious about anything new. She has trained me to be a proper companion and she is working on Jack. If I am busy doing something and not sitting in one place she takes over his footstool and watches the birds outside or just sleeps and he obliges her by keeping his feet on the floor. We are all getting along well together.

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