Thursday, March 19, 2015

Time for a Break

It is time for me to take a break when I make a mistake like this.
I can salvage the block if I want to bother. I can take out a few stitches in the orange triangle and then take the stitches out of the pink connector corner because I have not trimmed the triangles away on the back.

As I am looking at this photo I see another mistake that is ready to happen. The upper left background is a different fabric. I cut a few squares for connector corners from a fabric that I had. I wanted to make  a few trial blocks to see if I really liked this pattern. When I measured the fabric and figured out what I needed, I did not have enough for the quilt. I ordered something else because I did not want to have to fuss around with 2 different background fabrics when it was time to put it all together. I have a deadline for this and I could not have chosen a much more labor intensive project. One more thing to think about would have put my frustration level over the top.
I will take a break from sewing the connector corners and clean up my bits and pieces that are all over the place. A little bit of reducing the clutter should make things run smoother. Maybe I will sew some strips together for 4 patch units before I get back to the connector corners; that should cut down on the boredom factor.


tubakk said...

It's always like that. Especially when you're in a hurry. Good luck with furter work on this beauty.

Lori said...

I can relate to the pressure of a deadline. I have to make a quilt by 4/1 and I haven't started. Yay for simple patterns. Good luck with your triangle connectors.

Annie said...

Well, I'm pretty sure I can mess blocks up without a deadline or a hurry. LoL. I just have a knack for messing up. Looking forward to seeing this as a quilt.