Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I'm Back

Back to quilting and blogging again. I finished the "Fresh Cut" quilt; it was a wedding gift by request of the bride and groom (my grandson). I had it long arm quilted and I was happy with the results. It was so big I never got a chance to photograph the whole thing before I had to wrap it up and give it to them. The bride is a good photographer and I'm hoping for a good photo from her. In the meantime, by clicking on Fresh Cut on my side bar you can see the progress.

I cleaned up my sewing room and played in the garden for a while and finally got around to sewing some improv blocks. These 16 blocks are on a design board all smooshed together so they fit on the board.
I plan to separated them with white sashing strips. I will probably replace the one block with the darker green patch. It is the only place I used that fabric and because it doesn't appear anywhere else it just seems out of place.

These were all leftover pieces from my last three projects and they were in several different places.  I was sorting them to put away in the general scrap bin and I thought they all looked pretty good together. I decided to make some blocks before adding them to the general scrap pool.

After I made a few blocks I decided to put the bird patches in every block. They were in rows and close together so they were not isolated easily and with only part of a fat quarter I wasn't sure how many I would get but I got enough for 19 blocks. The other bird fabric with the white background had tiny birds and I only used it in some of the blocks.

This will be a 36 inch square baby quilt and will be a donation quilt. I plan to make another using the scraps and put it away for a some day future great grand child.


Dianne said...

So glad to see a post from you! Your project is always!

Lori said...

Welcome back, Ruth! Beautiful and meticulously done quilt!!!