Tuesday, February 23, 2016

House Block

It has been almost 2 months since my last post. I have no excuses; I just didn't do any sewing. I did rearrange my sewing room and that made things a lot better but there was no inspiration or desire to sew anything.  I dragged out 3 fairly large boxes of photographs and took up all the space I might have used for sewing.

In January I made a commitment to make a 12 1/2 inch house block for the Neighborhood Block Party. Beth from Love Laugh Quilt hosted the party for a few years but last year life got in the way and there was no block party. This year Irene, from  Hilachas, and her sister Ida, from My Sister Made Me Do It, decided to start it up again.   I still have boxes and piles of photos all  over the place but the blocks are due in a few weeks.  Time to get started!

I got out my box of "housing elements" and I found a strip of leftover grass and the  Sewing Divas from the Lorelei panel that we used for our Basement Diva Challenge. I cleared a small space for cutting  and pressing, pulled out my large laundry basket of scraps and started playing. I chose one of the smaller single Divas for the occupant of the house and the yellow striped border around the block  reminded me of a door frame. None of my "sky" fabrics rang any bells for me until  I found the raindrop fabric. I would have preferred the blue or gray background raindrop fabric but the raindrops were the wrong direction on the blue and gray strips I found.

 I had fun making this block and the ideas for another project are running around in my head. Sometimes you just have to do something to get the creativity flowing. I had that in mind when I signed up to make a house block. Maybe I will Make one more block to send (just to build up some creative steam).


Dianne said...

Welcome back to the blog sphere and quilting! What a cute house!

kathyf said...

Good to see you back at work!