Saturday, May 21, 2016

No Sewing Today

Today was a no sewing day and I even missed the Basement Diva gathering. My youngest grandson and fiance were here from Missouri along with her parents from Colorado. There was a party for friends and family to meet Jenna and her parents not everyone will  be going to the wedding in Missouri.

This is Jenna and John taken last year.

I didn't take any photos myself today but there were a lot being taken by other people.

I do hope to see more but this is the only one given to me today. Here I am with the two brothers, my grandson (on the left) who was married last June, me in the middle (looking like a stereotypical little old lady with Q tip hair) and the grandson (wearing the vest) who is getting married in September.

It was a nice party and it was nice to spend time getting to know Jenna's parents. Jack didn't come today, he was home being uncomfortable with a case of Shingles. We saw everyone last night and they are going to church with us in the morning and then coming back here again afterward. It should be another fun visit.

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Annie said...

Ruthie, you are NOT stereotypical looking!..You are fun looking and I LOVE your hair! I see a lot of love in these photos.