Sunday, June 26, 2016

Switching Gears and someone new.

I finished up the border on my Disappearing Ninepatch; it is now a Flimsy. It is down from the design wall and ready to layer up when I get the backing.

Corner of the Piano Key border on DNP quilt
I don't have a way right now to get a photo of the whole Flimsy. So here are two shots of one of the corners.

Showing more of the piano key border

I pulled out the basket of stuff for this quilt that I put away in February 2015 when I started to work on the wedding gift quilt.   I wanted something to work on until I got the backing for the Disappearing Ninepatch. I need to make 12 more blocks, 6 each, for rows at the top and bottom as shown here, (photo is oriented 90 degrees) the rows will really be on the right and left sides. As I am typing this I am wondering if maybe I will then need more blocks so the quilt will not be square. Hmm, maybe not, would that require another 12 blocks in order to complete the pattern?  When I pulled this out to work on I thought it would be a quick finish because I have a lot of HST's. However, I don't have a lot that are both light and dark values and not many that I like very much. I cut a lot of squares and sewed a lot of HST's of which most of them need to be squared up to 3 1/2 inches.

So far, this is all I have up on my wall and I am not finished with either of these yet; they need tweaking.

I really don't want to set this aside again but I am not sure I want to make more than 12 more blocks. We'll see!

In the meantime I have another diversion. her name is Lucy.

 After Mona was gone my daughter said we wouldn't get another cat.  Well.......... on Thursday she said if I really wanted a cat to take care of, there was an abandoned kitten in the park that had been there for a week following her whenever she was there walking.

So here she is on her first day with us, not a little kitten but more like middle school age. She explored the whole house with 3 boys and a dog following her every step. She had something to eat, and chose a bed where the boys were playing with Lego's and fell asleep for hours. She ate again, drank some water used the litter box and slept some more.
She slept a lot for the first three days; I think she was exhausted from being out alone.  The short times she was awake, she became acquainted with the dog, who is very interested in her and very non threatening, played with her 4 jingle bell balls,

Today, she has been up and around and is interested in everything and  purrs all the time.

 She responds to NO! That leads me to believe she is an unusual amazing cat. I would have named her (amazing) Grace but we have a great granddaughter Grace so I went with Lucy which is what the boys thought we should name her.

She likes to look out the windows.  We have chipmunks and birds at the feeder to entertain her.

She also likes to lay on our bed and I think maybe she she thinks she has the mistaken idea she is going to sleep with us. So far there have only been brief visits. She is either testing us or checking up to see if we are still around.

She follows me around when she is awake and not looking out the window. Could it be because I made sure I was the first one to give her kitty treats?

She is a very nice, calm, friendly cat and I wonder if someone is missing her. I can;t imagine anyone dumping her in the woods. If no one claims her, I think maybe she is going to let me be her person.

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Annie said...

Ruthie I love your DP9P flimsy. Can't wait to see it all finished. The same goes for your HST quilt as well. Sometimes these quilts demand so much attention and decision making, don't they. And not always easy answers either, because once it's done, it's too much work to change our mind, and we want to be so happy with our decisions. LoL. Awww, Lucy is a very lucky kitty! I think you hit the jackpot with her.