Friday, September 2, 2016

Last 2 Blocks

I finished he final 2  blocks for the HST quilt I have been working on for over a year.

 I had planned on adding  one row of 7 blocks to both sides, to complete the pattern, and to add one row of 4 blocks on the bottom to the 4 blocks by 6 blocks section I had already sewed together. I have a slight change of plans.
Instead I will sew a row of 4 blocks to the bottom but I will sew the other 2 rows of 7 blocks each to together and sew them on one side. I am going to quilt this in two sections; my original plan would have had 3 sections making one more seam to sew. The new plan will still complete the pattern with less work.

I ordered fabric for the backing and it should arrive tomorrow. So.......... in the meantime I am going  to clean up my space which is so bad that I am not even going to show a picture of it.  Then, I am going to get my space set up to quilt. There are the 2 HST bed quilts to quilt and this 24 inch square table topper that is layered up already so I will probably quilt it first.

That's the plan for the next few days but you know what they day about the best laid plans.

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