Saturday, July 29, 2017

Blocks Done!!!

I finished the last  Forest block this morning. I had so many problems with the Firefly block 2 days ago that I took yesterday off from sewing. The second block went much faster, as I expected it would.
I did have some problems with the lower wing units.  The pattern referred to Figure  12 twice. I think one time it was supposed to be Figure 11 because there was a Figure 11 shown. I sewed the patch on that strip corner to corner in the wrong direction. Into the wastebasket it went and I redid the right and left strips.
There are small differences in the blocks due to missing something in the directions about the top strip in the orange block. When I did the second block I read the directions correctly.  No matter, one is at the top of the quilt and the other at the bottom.  One is also slightly longer (top to bottom)  and that will be fixed with a bit wider strip of sashing.

Here are all the blocks arranged in the order they will be sewn.
It should be easy from here on. But who knows, I thought the Firefly blocks would be easy.

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Annie said...

Good block finish Ruthie! The last one just could not let you off the hook so easy I see. Wonderful blocks! This quilt will be so danged cute! Kudos to you for keeping at it.