Thursday, July 27, 2017

Goodby To The Best Iron I Ever Owned

Today my Hamilton Beach iron bit the dust. About 2 weeks ago Lucy somehow knocked my ironing board over and my iron went down with a bang.  I picked it up and  turned it on and it seemed fine. The button that you push for a shot of steam had been knocked out and I found it and put it back in place. I couldn't push it for a shot of stream because I didn't get it in right. Today, I needed the shot of steam because the iron was not doing the job.  I pried the button out out and got it back in right. All good to go - - - - or not! The iron wouldn't heat up and it wouldn't turn off with the OFF button, then all the High, Medium and Low buttons started flashing. I bought this iron in February 2010 and I loved this iron. I loved it so much I went looking for another Hamilton Beach iron and I found one I think I am going to love just as much, the Hamilton Beach Durathon Digital iron with a retractable cord.

Now I can get back to the Fancy Forest blocks. I was halfway through the second Owl block when  my iron quilt. I had to wait till after dinner to go to iron shopping but I finished the block and fell in love with the iron, Jack likes it too; he ironed his shirts while I sewed.

I saved the Owls for almost last because they are the most fiddly. The eye section, just below the ear section and above the body and wings section, has 38 pieces. Ten of those pieces are connector corners. However, this block went together easier than the others. by the time I got around to the owls I had found my way to be organized. I got out a smallish design board and propped it up on my cutting table and I cut the pieces from each fabric I put them up on the board in the way I would be sewing them together. It was also easier because I had started using printed cutting charts that I could fold to only see the section I was cutting and I could mark all the pieces as I cut them.

 I plan on cutting and sewing the 2 Butterfly blocks tomorrow.  I don't  know if I will make this again for the second baby quilt I need. A few days ago I would have say "NO Way" but now I think I might. I have more than enough fabric from what I bought for this quilt and lots more in my stash.
I can take my time making the next one because the baby isn't due till the end of January.
We'll see!


Annie said...

The owls look great Ruthie! I'm sure anxious to see your butterflies now and then to anticipate seeing all the blocks together. It will be so cute! I sure can feel your pain in loosing an iron that you've gotten along so well with. Not easy to break in a new one, but with an open mind, you'll do well. I don't think today's irons hold a candle to the older vintage irons. But we're stuck with them so we may as well get along with them.

Catherine Cole said...

Ruthie, I love what you are doing. I have this pattern and have not attempted it as yet.
Following what you are doing will help me to start mine.
My iron also stopped steaming but still irons well. Let us know how you like your new one.