Saturday, July 29, 2017

One Block to Go

 15.5 x 6.5 raw edge to raw edge
On Thursday I spent the whole day making one Butterfly Firefly block. Getting the name of the block wrong was only the first mistake. Not getting the name right didn't make the block more difficult but it is a good indication of the way I read directions. From there on it was one mistake after another. starting with the first 3 pieces I sewed together. It was actually 6 because it was the right and left of the first row of the wings. I cut the center patch an inch too short and of course I sewed both right and left and cut away the excess on the connector corners. Three rows later I found my mistake when I tried to figure out why the rows were different lengths. They went right into the waste basket and I cut new pieces and started over.  It didn't get any better after that, it was one thing after another, but I finished the block about 8 PM. I started out around 7 AM but I took a number of sanity breaks so I wasn't at it continuously. I thought this would be an easy block and it really should have been. I took today off from sewing and straightened up my work area. I even did some reading and I took a nap.

So, I have one more to go and if it works out like all the other blocks the second one should be faster and easier.
Here it is, kind of arranged on a design board that is propped up on my cutting table. The green background strips at the bottom go on the ends of the bottom 3 rows. This really looks confusing but I understand it.  I plan on finishing this block tomorrow. I will ban Lucy from my sewing room and if the door is closed maybe no one else will interrupt my train of thought.

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Annie said...

I'm smiling because you have persevered throughout these troublesome blocks. But I do feel your pain. I like these firefly blocks.