Monday, November 6, 2017

Sewing Room

While my sewing room was functional it wasn't conducive to creativity.  I had been waiting for Jack to put up my design wall but, always, something else that came first.  To be honest, both of us have only so much energy and this has been a very big energy sapping move for us.  We had some help with some big projects but finding where things go is something that we've had to do ourselves. You can't tell people what you want to do with something if you don't know what you want.

Anyway, last Tuesday I got up early and felt energized and motivated and I hung my flannel covered insulation panels on the sewing room walls myself.  To be sure, Jack would have done a better job but it is done and I don't think I hurt his feelings.

I bought foam insulation boards and covered them with white flannel and I used them with 2 older flannel covered boards that I thought were white. Oh well, this is a working wall and when I am not using it it will be covered with a finished wall hanging.
The design boards cover the wall from the doorway to the corner (7 feet) and round the corner (31 inches). they are 48 inches long and start 13 inches down from the ceiling.

A day or so earlier I had hung some of my large square rulers on the wall. This is right next to where the design boards around the corner end.
I don't like to put the big square rulers in the ruler rack.
 You can see odds and ends just sitting around waiting to be put somewhere.

 I had made white muslin curtains for the window and hung them on a tension rod. White, to allow as much light as possible even with the curtains closed; just in case I start working before I get dressed.

Some color was definitely needed and I knew just what I wanted. As soon as I put up my design wall, I dug into my big laundry basket of unorganized scraps and cut at least 20 inches of various widths of colorful fabric. I put them up on the wall and started working.

It wasn't fast but I finished up on Sunday after church and Jack and I put up the curtain rod for the piano key valence. Hanging that curtain rod is a whole story in itself but we did it! And hung the valence.

Then we moved my desk so I could get at the walls above and beside my desk where I hung a permanent wall hanging and a bulletin board, that I will change out from time to time.

So here is my room, from the doorway around 3 walls to the window.

This quilt will be on the wall when I don't need the design wall for something large.

This is my wall around the corner.
Atthe top of the design board is a little quilt my friend made using a pack of my 5 inch squares that I donated as a prize for the annual Basement Diva  first Jelly Roll Race. the pack was called "Notso Squares", for not so charming. Below that are some "made fabric" blocks that I found in my disaster of a scrap basket.
I rearranged the rulers so I could hang my scherenschnitte art that I purchased from an Ohio paper cutter artist long ago.
The "Flock of Geese " wall hanging is one I made when my friend Kathy taught me to paper piece.

This is above my desk and there will be some other things below it to fill in that space.

My bulletin board, around the corner right next to my desk.These things change from time to time.
The license plate above, which does not photograph well, will stay. There may be some additions there to balance the space.

Last is the window with the piano key valence.
Next to the window is a  narrow lingerie chest which we bought for Jack 20 some years ago to exactly fit that same space in our other apartment. It now holds seldom used rulers and other tools and templates, freezer and parchment paper, rolls of art paper and canvas. The fourth wall is around the corner and is just the closet doors and the book case.

In our other apartment I had shelves that went from wall to wall above my desk, one high and one lower to clear my monitor by a few inches. Though this apartment is the same, we just couldn't hang the shelf brackets. We hit concrete and though we tried many things we finally just gave up.

In the end I think I have the most workable space I've ever had. I can reach everything easily. Only one shelf in the closet is too high to reach without a ladder. It holds things I seldom use and I can get them down by standing on the lowest step of the ladder.

Today, I am content with my sewing room and I am inspired to do something with those colorful "made fabric" blocks. I think I will make a small drag around quilt for my brand new great granddaughter, Autumn Leah, who arrived yesterday morning.


kathyf said...

Congratulations on getting your art space in order and on the newest member of your family.

Annie said...

Oh, CONGRATS Great Granny! Those blocks will make an adorable drag around quilt. Love your new space! It looks to be very workable. I love your idea for how you made your design wall. I’m honored that I see the postcard I made for you displayed with your other beautiful creations. Enjoy your new space.

Lori said...

Wow, Ruth! What an inspiring and inviting workspace! I'm so happy for you that things are in order and you can enjoy it. Congrats on your new little one, also. I really like the drag around quilt. Your "scraps" are always impressive and cohesive.