Saturday, December 16, 2017

Fancy Forest 2

Yesterday I started sewing the Fancy Forest Fox blocks. I had some of the pieces cut before we moved on October 1. I had everything put away in a box waiting for the background fabric; I finally bought it this week. I cut all the strips for the background and I am moving forward even if I have second thoughts about my fabric choice.

I revisited my rules for myself about making these blocks (after I made some mistakes in cutting).
One rule was to lay out the pieces for each block on a flannel board before I started sewing it together.

This helps me to understand why the instructions say to sew things in the order given. I can also see before I sew if something is not the right size, like cutting that 2 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch blue background strip 5 1/2 inches (yes, I did that and I saw it before I sewed onto it the connector corner ear squares).

These 4 Fox blocks went together quickly and with no problems; however there is a problem with my background choice. It is too close in value to the white in these blocks.
I photographed them in a blue flannel board and maybe the blue shows through on the white ,in the photo, making it seem closer in value that it is. This is the only block that the white and blue are next to each other. I am going to continue using  the background as I have already cut all the strips for the blocks and sashings.  I will think about what I can do To make a definition between the white and blue when I get ready to quilt it. I don't think this is going to hang on the wall and baby will probably not care.

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