Saturday, January 13, 2018


I finished the 2 Firefly blocks; it did not go smoothly.  First off, I had a really hard time selecting the fabrics and it didn't  get any easier. I didn't want to introduce any new colors but fabric I wanted to use either came up short or I couldn't find anything that looked good with it. Then I made it all harder by mixing up some of the different size strips and having to decide if  I wanted to start over with a new fabric or deal with fixing the problem so I could use my tiny bit of fabric that was my first choice. I did a little bit of both starting over and fixing.

I had several issues with construction due to not following the steps in the order given in the pattern. My two blocks are not perfect and they are not exactly the same but they are done.

I have the two Owl blocks to make and then I can get this put together. Putting it together should be easy because all of the blocks measure exactly what they are supposed to, even though it was a circuitous route to get there .

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Anonymous said...

I think your blocks are adorable. Love the colors!