Tuesday, January 16, 2018

One Owl

I cut and almost finished the first of two Owl blocks yesterday and I finished it up this morning. I could have finished it quickly yesterday but after agonizing over the fabric choices, I took time to run out to the quilt shop and buy one more purple fabric.  It is not that I didn't have several purple fabrics from which to choose;  I just couldn't settle on three that looked good together. The new fabric is the center purple strip on the wings and around the eyes.

So here he is, not perfect but pretty good. He did go together easily.  I am calling him a he instead of a she because this quilt is for a boy. I have been thinking about my difficulty making fabric choices and I think it has been influenced by my hesitation to use certain colors for a male quilt. Not that I think a baby is going to notice but I think I consider what his dad is going to think. I don't believe this is even a conscious consideration but I rejected some hot pink fabrics that I liked and only later did I realize why. Well anyway, I am ready to cut the next Owl block and it is, by the way, all blue green fabric. I made this choice because I need to use a particular fabric another time for continuity.

After I cut the next Owl block I am going to put away all of the fabric I have dragged out while searching for the "perfect" fabric for these Fancy Forest critters. My sewing room has reached the chaotic stage where it is affecting my serenity.

When I get the blocks down from the design wall and start putting the blocks together, I am going to put this panel on the wall.  I saw it in the quilt shop when I was having my purple fabric cut. It is digitally printed and the panel was precut in the shop so there is no selvage on the edge with the name of the company. I have no idea what I will do with it but it will decorate my wall with color while I think about it.

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Millie said...

Hi Gigi! The owl is spectacular, and the colors are great. A couple of years ago I told my nephew I'd make him a quilt for his high school graduation. I said he could pick the colors, but not the design. He picked orange and purple! It was a dazzling combination, and I quickly realized that if I was going to use colors that were that bright, I had to make the quilt itself sizzle and not take the wimpy way out. It came out great, and I named it "Lightning in the Night Sky." He sleeps with it every night, wrapped around him like a burrito. Can't get better than that.