Tuesday, June 1, 2010

REd white and Blue quilts

I realized yesterday morning that Memorial Day was here and I had not changed out my quilts for the red, white and blue quilts. I usually have them out by Memorial day week end and they stay out till Labor Day because all the summer holidays are patriotic.

These  two quilts live in my dining room for the summer.  The one on the table is from a block swap that didn't turn out the way it was supposed to (everyone had a month and we were supposed to make a row of 6 blocks that represented that month) It turned out to be not a good plan.  I took the rows apart and used the blocks from them for small pieces that represented that month. This one was 4 of the blocks for July. The quilt on the wall is one of a series of quilts using and idea I found in a magazine for setting pictorial fabric with Birds in the Air blocks.  I made 6 or 7 quilts with different fabrics until I got "triangled out". I still have several fabrics I bought to use but sewing with my seam ripper in my hand matching all those points finally got to me. Enought was Enough !!

The quilt on the left is one that I made with blocks made by my Friendship group. I asked for them to be made in red white and blue It was going to be a tablecloth (one to actually use on the table when eating). I changed my mind after it was done as I really like it and didn't think it would hold up too well laundering the dark fabrics. It lives over a chair in the dining room for the summer.
My husband is holding the next quilt (under protest).
 It is folded up and sits on top of my cedar chest. This is another one with blocks from my friendship group. I asked for red, white and blue and yellow Jacobs Ladder blocks and then the next year I asked for the flying geese for 2 side borders.

This is a Pineapple quilt that hangs over the back of a rocker in a corner of the living room. I planned the layout so the blue fabric would serve as a border. It was published in the summer 2000 issue of Quilt Magazine. We saw the magazine in a store when we were shopping we bought 2 or 3 copies; my husband told everyone around us that it was my quilt in the magazine.  I am keeping him even if he does get grumpy when i ask him to hold up my quilts while I get the camera ready.
There are a few more but I will post them another time.

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I can hardly wait to see more on display. k