Friday, October 20, 2017

Getting There

Every box and Rubbermaid tub is unpacked and most things have found their permanent place. The sewing room is getting there.

This morning I emptied the Rubbermaid tub of all my fabric scraps for improve piecing. Once upon a time I had all my scraps in 2 large popcorn tins. I could never find anything when I wanted something so I set about to organize everything by cutting the scraps into strips and squares of the sizes I used  most often. Then I started following Victoria Finlay Wolfe's Bumblebeans blog and I started saving uncut scraps again for "making fabric" and improv piecing. I sorted my scraps by color and put them in ziplock bags and stored them in that brown plastic laundry basket. When I wanted to work with the scraps I put them in shoe boxes on my work table, with a box for each color. That way I didn't have a big tangled pile of all colored scraps. When I was finished with the project I put the fabric back in the ziplocks and stacked the empty shoe boxes. That system worked very well.......until I put a bag of scraps in the basket without sorting them by color. I was cleaning up after a project and " I would sort them later". Multiply than scenario by at least ten times and it isn't organized anymore.  I now have my plastic basket filled with the sorted scraps and next to it are seven bags of unsorted scraps from many projects.  I plan to tackle this soon.

But Not Today!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Not Quite Ready to Sew

We got moved on September 29 and the move went OK; nothing of ours got broken but the moving truck backed up over our son in law's 40 foot extension ladder and damaged both ends. The time estimate for the move was 6 hours and it took 8. However I was at the receiving end telling them where everything went and this time we got the furniture in the sewing room against the walls where it was staying and the boxes in the middle of the room. That was a big plus instead of the boxes lining the walls and the furniture in the middle of the room; especially since all of the miscellaneous boxes (the ones to be unpacked after all the "important" stuff) always go in the sewing room.

We got all the important stuff taken care of and in place right away (the bed first, of course, TV's set up, internet, cable and phones connected and Jack's desk set up). From there it all slowed down but I can finally see the end in sight.

I received my prize from the Blogger's Quilt Festival and it is a very nice  " A Shout, A whisper A Text" quilt kit from Designs by Sarah J Max.

 Here is the stack of 26 fabrics and the pattern.

 Here are all the pieces spread out. There are various size pieces because it is a quilt kit.

I am eager to get started on this fabric; this may be the incentive I need to get my sewing room shaped up.