Saturday, September 26, 2015

Table topper Finishes

I have had some problems with my computer recently. I had to go and download Windows 10 ( can't deny myself the opportunity for frustration and) that was the beginning. I  like it but... after many updates from Microsoft and from McCaffee and Picasa many things were not working. Then more updates and things were almost back to normal. However, I still cannot create collages and in working with trying to create a collage I deleted a bunch of photos from my memory card. I am not sure how I did that but they are gone and not saved in my computer. I had photos 2 finished baby quilts that are gone to their recipients on that card, OH WELL!! 

 I have been slowly making progress on finishing some things I've had hanging around waiting for the next step.
Both of these Hexagon table toppers were made using leftovers. I quilted this one and added the binding. 
Last year I sewed the left over strings from this tree skirt, you can read about it how I came about those strings here.

This piece on the  left just sat around till last week when  I cut 60 degree triangles from it and made another hexagon table topper.

This one is a little larger so I had to refigure all my measurements because again I wanted the center hex to be all one piece of fabric.

Now I am considering making another tree skirt using Annie's tutorial again. I have made 3 of them and I have another granddaughter who might like one.

We'll see! I have two quilts layered up, all ready to be finished and I am going to do that first.