Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tree Skirt

I am back to working on the tree skirt. The 9 degree wedge ruler I ad ordered from Amazon came yesterday; it took a long time to get here partly due to being sent to my old address. I cut all my wedges in the afternoon and arranged them in the order I want.I had arranged the strips of charm squares the way I wanted them but after they were cut in wedges there were narrow wedges that needed to be placed where they look the best.

Here is  the stack all ready to sew in pairs. that little pile of trimmings is about 1/2 of all I have left. Using Annie's tutorial,  You get 1 wide wedge and one narrow wedge that are used in the tree skirt and one very narrow wedge that is scrap. Last year I used those narrow scraps as a gag prize for the Basement Divas annual Jellyroll Race ( they were probably thrown in the trash). This time I took off the narrowest 2 pieces and sewed the rest together. This piece is 22 x 13 after trimming I will layer it up and quilt it and probably just add binding or or maybe turn it pillowcase style and then quilt it.
It might be good as a large hot pad for the table. LOL, when I showed it to Jack he said "what is that hodge podge." He is usually far more diplomatic than that.

Yesterday when I posted a photo collage of the Mary Ellen Hopkins tribute I did miss some quilts and I am sorry to say I do not have photos of them. I missed 2 of Kathy's and one of Lynn's. I even remember talking about one of them and for some reason I didn't get a photo. If I get photos from someone I will post them.
I'm so sorry Kathy and Lynn.


Lori said...

Thanks for taking the photos, Ruth. The quilts were bigger than we'd remembered so it was challenging to get them all in one spot. I planned to take pictures but things were very hectic this time around and I didn't take a single one. :-(

Of course, I love the tree skirt. I have some Kate Spain charm pack waiting to be transformed, based on last year's inspiration.

Annie said...

Love that color collection. Terrific improve with the scraps, Ruthie! I hung on to mine for awhile but never came up with anything. Never even thought to sew them together! I will definitely do this next time and maybe even slice through this piece to rearrange the design a bit more to break up the bars a little. Thanks for the new inspiration!