Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still more red white, and blue

This is the last of them.

This little flag is 10 x 7 inches. My friend Pat gave me the  piece of fabric from a flat fold that was repeats of the flag. I layered it and turned it pillow case style and hand quilted it. I pinned it to a small piece of foam  core so it will stand up and in the summer it sits on a shelf inside my front door, right across from Urban Renewal. 

Below is the Mariners Compass that I hand pieced before paper piecing came along. It is 23 inches square and hand quilted. It was for a quilt  guild challenge. We were given a fabric pack and  we could add up to 3 fabrics and a background. I think I only added the light background. At present it sits across a foot stool by my usual sitting place in the living room. I used to have it on a small table and I spilled coffee on it. You can see the stain  in the photo but it is not so noticeable in person.

Next is one of 2 place mats I made 2 years ago. I wanted to see how I liked using the that inner border with the small squares before I went ahead and used it on a large quilt. they spend the summer on the 2 hutches in my dinning room. 

These three little angels are about 7 inches tall and were made more than 20 years ago,  probably shortly after I first started quilting. I used to make and sell cloth dolls and designed them so I would have something small to sell.  I took the idea from the wings and the arms from a pattern called "Oh Susanna" for a little hanging doll. I think the pattern was from Country Threads. Right now they are on top of a shelf unit to the right of my desk but they will probably move because I set things there when I am on a ladder getting things off the higher shelves in my closet.

That's all of it. Well, I do have a big quilt that I made for my husband using some photos and Alexander Henry motorcycle fabric. I can't get a decent picture of it anywhere inside our apartment so for now it remains unseen here but it does spend the summer sitting folded up on top of the cedar chest and the rest of the time folded up inside the cedar chest.

You may have the impression that to have this much stuff around I have a lot of space. Not so!  I live in a 2 bedroom apartment.
My dining "room" is really a dining L and the dining room chair that hold the one quilt sits against the wall so we can pass in back of my chair in the living room. It is right for us; I can clean it all in one day and I have one room for a sewing room. I Try to keep the clutter down everywhere but my sewing room. That is the one room that is too small of all my STUFF.

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