Thursday, August 12, 2010

Almost back to "normal"

We are pretty much all settled after our move and the water episode. The ceiling areas that were damaged have been repaired and the painting is done and it all looks good. We finished hanging all the curtain rods and brackets and the curtains and blinds are up.
My sewing room has been cleared of all of the stuff we had to move in there to get the work done but I still have some work to do before it is finished. I am not rushing it because I would like to get it arranged so that I am satisfied and not always moving things to make it better.
Today my sister in law, Martha, and I went to visit a new quilt shop that is opening this week; it is only a few minutes from her house. . We had a hard time finding the shop because their permanent sign is not up yet and the city of Lyndhurst only allows "lawn signs" on certain days of the week. I remembered the address and that is how we found it and it was worth the trouble. It is a nice shop, the owner is very friendly and the lighting is great. I think this shop will be a regular destination. So far all the fabric was from Moda but new things will be arriving. I am loving the new fresh colorways of all the fabric lines but it makes me not so enchanted with my stash which has become outdated because I have not been buying much except to finish what I am working on.


Anonymous said...

what was the water problem? Kathy

Ruth said...

Kathy, See my post from Thursday July 29. It was all pretty distressing when it happened as we were really tired by after dinner on that day. The next day it was in perspective and didn't seem so overwhelming. It is all fixed now and looks good.