Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting the scraps under control.

I had planned to have almost a week to get my sewing room stuff organized after we moved the furniture. I thought I would go through everything before I brought it over to the new sewing room and it would all be neat and orderly. The water episode took care of that and though now things are nearly the way I want them there are some things that will have to wait.
Last Wednesday my husband didn't feel well about dinner time and a little later he really didn't look good. We went to the hospital where he had a bunch of tests and was admitted. He had his gall bladder out on Friday and he is home and doing well but there are a few things to be done in my sewing room that I am not going to press him about. They can wait and I can still work. I'm just glad he is OK and getting back to normal. It seems like we have spent most of this last month "getting back to normal".

When we moved I found that I had several Sterilite boxes with the same kinds of fabric. There were 3 boxes with pieces that hadn't been cut and then there were 3 boxes with scraps of various sizes and shapes that I planned to use for "liberated blocks".  Last night I tackled the scrap boxes; some of the things had been separated in zip lock bags and most of them were a mystery to me as to why I had separated them. I went through all of it and sorted scraps by color and layed them out on three trays. I put the dark scraps aside. Larger pieces I put away in one of the boxes and I put small pieces that would be the start of the liberated log cabins and stars in a shoe box. This pile below is from the shoe box.
These are a few of the liberated stars and log cabins I am making. I plan to keep working on them until the scrap pile is depleted. I may cut some more strips to use from the stuff in the boxes.

I had started making 4 and 6 inch blocks without a real plan; I thought I would add them to my "parts department " blocks (like Freddie Moran and Gwen Marston do. I saw what Victoria (Bumblebeans ) was doing with her 15 minutes and I liked the light background on the stars. I'm not sure how I am going to set these or what size I will make; for now I am just going to keep working until the trays are empty.

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