Monday, August 23, 2010

Three more that I gave away.

I find that I do not have photos of all of the quilts that I gave away last week. I will probably go over to my daughter's and son's houses  and snap a few so I have a record of what I made. I know that in the past I didn't always take pictures and I have forgotten some of the things I made. Before my daughter and daughter in law left with the quilts I made a list of the quilts each one had and when I  looked at my list I was suprised that I was not sure what some of the smaller pieces are.

These are three more of the quilts my daughter took. I think I have shown all of them here before. the yellow table topper is recent but the other two Have been around awhile, living in my closet or cedar chest. She has already passed some of the smaller pieces on to family members which is what I hoped she would do.

Now I can access the things in my sewing room closet a little better and I can sew again without some of the frustration.

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