Thursday, September 30, 2010

Letters....something is not quite right

I fiddled around with the letters for my word  banner and figured out how to make the lower case "g" look like a letter and not the number 9. I made the upper case G by cutting pieces that seemed to be right and putting them together. I decided there had to be a better way.  I remembered that we had done some exercises from Ruth McDowell's book "Piecing Workshop" and we used freezer paper templates. I printed my letters the size I wanted traced them on freezer paper and made the lower case i. Not too hard, except the dot on the i was backward so I read the directions and printed mirror images. 

It was at this point I realized something was not quite right. I should have read through the instructions more thoroughly. This is a frequent problem for me.  I read just enough to think I know what I am doing and I forge ahead.  I am giving up on the sewing for tonight and I am going to read through all the  instructions before I begin again.

The reverse  image thing is something I have a  problem with and I blame it on being ambidextrous.     
I did  very strange things with paper piecing. If it wasn't for spell checker It would take forever correcting my typing mistakes because I transpose letters all the time. I can write without a problem but that is not an option with the computer.This same problems causes me to  mix up right and left on a regular basis. I never had a problem with  reading or math so I have learned to live with it and as long as nothing important depends on right and left things work out.  I have trouble backing up down a long driveway; I can back out of a parking place just fine but if I am trying to stay out of the  bushes on one side and the flowers on the other and I have to think about it I always turn the steering wheel the wrong way. I GO VERY SLOW and  make sure no one is standing in behind me as I go.
Now that I am getting older I would  start to worry about all this but  I HAVE BEEN THIS  WAY ALL MY LIFE.

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Anonymous said...

wow, in fact I may just make that word as it's hard to get those letters in the wrong order. I can turn it upside down and it will say mom.
I sure missed seeing you last week. See you on Tuesday. Kathy