Sunday, September 5, 2010

New learning curve

Yesterday we went shopping for groceries  and ended up buying a new computer (it is along round about story). My new computer had XP installed with the disk  for Windows 7 in the box. I will  not be denied the opportunity to cause myself a big headache so I installed Windows 7. It is like starting a new  job, I think I know all the basic  stuff but......... everything is a little different and not where I thought it would be and my new keyboard  puts extra spaces or no spaces beween my words. I am  still getting used to a different internet service as well.
Well anyway, having to start all  over with getting  set up again with my Internet connections I  have been looking around and finding things I need to sort out. I found that I can look at all of the comments on my blog in one place when I sign in and there were some I never knew were  there. I also  found that  although people have commented that they tried to leave a comment on the blog, there is no trace of the comments. I don't thibnk I can fix that myself it seems to be a blogger problem. So.... I set up a Gmail account to use on the blog. LOL that was another experience with having to make a lot of choices. My main problem with learning anything is that if I don't find what I want to know after reading  so many 30 words I start looking elsewhere. Sooner or later I will get it all together. I am happy with my new computer because I am able to work without getting hung up and  left hanging at every turn but there is a  lot to do.

This is what I have accomplished so far with the scrap salad pile.Even though the pile  of scraps seems bigger than ever there are 20  8 inch log cabins in the stack and 12 finshed stars in the stack on the yellow fan fabric that I plan to use as setting  triangles. There are 8 more stars  in progress but I think I only need 16. I think I will set them on point and use a prairie point edging.
Between this and learning all the new stuff with the computer I am going to have enough to keep me from  getting impatient  with that man about my design wall. I know he will help  me sort  out all the  computer mysteries (like which slot to use for my camera  memory card).

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Anonymous said...

Let's see if this makes it to the comment page. I am loving your stars.It will be great to get together on Tuesday. See you then .K