Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Retreat

Our small quilt group  at church  had a retreat this weekend at Camp Fitch in Pennsylvania. There were only 6 of us but we had a great time and everyone accomplished a lot. Camp Fitch is a YMCA camp on the shores of Lake Erie and the setting was lovely. 

These first  pictures were taken Friday shortly before sunset from a deck above the beach, near the dining hall. This is what you can see from inside the dining hall. the third photo is the reflection we saw  in the dining hall windows when we turned around to walk  back to the building.

This picture was taken Saturday after lunch from the same deck.

This was Sunday morning about 8AM. A big change but still a great view. I could watch the water for hours.
The movement of the water and the bubbling and sparkle of the sun on the water and  the colors of the sunset reflecting on the water in different band  of color holds me entranced.

Our lodge was a short walk away from the dining  hall and our sewing  space, it could have accommodated 18 people but there were only 6 of us so we  each  had our own room and bath. LOL my room had 4 beds but I only used one.
Our sewing  space was across the hall  from the dining hall  and  was nice and bright and had windows on 3 sides. The large square tables were about 4 ft  square which made a great work space.

This photo with Darlene in the foreground shows most of our work space. To take the picture, I am standing in front of my worktable, which is in the corner by the window walls.
As I said everyone  accomplished a lot. Darlene cut out a table  runner and place mats and started working on a Christmas panel.

Betty pieced some scrappy blocks using lots of left over scraps from many projects from a number of different people. Betty and Caroline also did  some hand quilting.

Dorine was very productive (she always is), she made 400 plus 4 patch blocks from 30's fabric

Below she has  grown tired of the 30's project and is working on a baby quilt for our church baby quilt stash. She started the quilt late Saturday and finished today. I would have taken  a photo but I had already packed my camera in my suitcase because I didn't think  there would be anything more to photograph.

This is Beth's quilt top that she finished this  weekend. She had finished the blocks before she got  there . she put them together and made and added the border on Saturday. then she started another project and made a good start on that one.

Caroline worked on  some hand quilting and finished a black and white quilt top (with a touch of color.I didn't get a pic of the finished top  but here it is when she was  laying it out.

I was able to put together the backs for 2 QAWM quilts and layer them up and they are all ready to machine quilt as soon as i set up my room for quilting. This is one of them below.

I made a few blocks for our stockpile of blocks for baby quilt for our church. Our plan is to have everyone make blocks for the stockpile and we will put them together with wide strips of a suitable focus fabric beween rows of pinwheel, friendship star, and churndash blocks. Having a stockpile of blocks will make it easy and fast in case we need baby quilts  quickly. 

These are a few  of the 6 inch blocks we have been making. We made up little kits to make 3 different blocks from the same 2 fabrics

All  in all  it was a good weekend, lots of fun and fellowship. We set the date for the next retreat before we left today.

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