Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friends Quilt Together

Friends Quilt Together is the name of our group at church (it is a Friends church) and today was our monthly meeting. We are a small group and we get together once a month to sew and quilt. Today we were all working on something different. Debbie is a new quilter but not new to sewing. She is working on her 3rd quilt (? I think it is her third) It looks like a disappearing nine patch but she bought a pattern and is constructing it in a different way and doing a good job of it.
Below is a table runner Betty brought for show and tell. In the background is a scrap quilt that she made from scraps that people were throwing away. She says she is working at the end of the quilt food chain.  The overall impression is "bright" but there are many pieces of fabric that are not bright and some that Betty says are really ugly colors. I thought maybe I should re-think throwing out my really small  scraps . I thought about it and I am going to pass them on to  Betty along with some some so small..


Beth was working on an applique table topper with fall colors.
I didn't get photos of Dorine and Kim because Dorine had to leave early and Kim was just picking hers up  to work on it and I didn't get back  to her. As usual, I didn't get much done; only one block.

When I went home I took a nap and after dinner I decided I was going to hang my rulers before I break half of them moving them from place to place. I removed the shelf that was too high and put it away in a corner for now. You can see the 2 nail holes from one of the shelf brackets below and to the left the third ruler on the left.Then I worked on the layout for the rulers in EQ7 and hunted for some nails and hung my rulers. There are a few more that I never use that I have in a notebook file and there are a few on the wall that I don't use but they will  not fit in the file. I thought I had uploaded the photo that I cropped but here below my rulers you can see the mess I made moving stuff out of my way as I gathered up my rulers. I did get it cleaned up after I took the picture. This is definitely a giant step in getting things organized. Jack  said he will put my shelf back up  in the next day or two. I am not going to worry about it; it will get done when it gets done. 

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