Thursday, October 28, 2010

Progress - kind of

We hung the wall quilt over our bed and I am not sure I like it there. I was informed that it is there and it is staying there. OK....... I can go along with that for now. The truth is it was a big production to hang.
Jack chose not to move the bed and get behind it but instead to lean over the bed from the side. I was afraid he was going to fall and fussed around till  he  was tired of me. He took all kinds of measurements and drove the nails  and we hung the quilt but I never really had a chance to hold it up there and see how it was going to look. It is hanging nice and  straight and just where it was supposed to be but to me it looks like the whole wall is out of balance. I like the quilt but I am drawn to a lighter and brighter palette now and the dark quilt seems oppressive.  I couldn't get a  photo of the bed and the wall at the same time because our room is small but the quilt on the bed is the plaid "Jack's Quilt". what you see here are pillows I made with leftover  plaids.

This is the Warm Wishes quilt I have been quilting. I got all  the straight line quilting done and I put the binding on even though I have more quilting to do. We'll see if that was a good idea after I quilt the border. I also have to quilt the  dark squares.  My reasoning was that quilting the dark squares was not going to be any different to do if the binding was on or not. Same reasoning for the border only I think my reasoning was colored by the fact that I had enough thread to do the binding but need to get thread to quilt the  border. 

When I made the top I wanted to get away from using black in my sample for  quilt camp as I have used it  for the last three years. I  didn't quite make it but I have decided that I will not be  buying large amounts of black yardage but instead I will buy white or cream so that when I want to put something together  I don't choose black by default because that is what I have the most of. I have one more quilt that is layered up and ready to quilt and I will finished that but am going to take a look at what I have left and decide if I want to quilt them or give them away for someone else to finish. I  will do the same  with all  the pieces and parts that I  just went through and sorted out. If I want to work on something now, I will keep it. If I think I might want to do something with it someday I think it needs to go. Maybe someone  else will  do it "someday".

So you suppose all the black I have been working with lately has had a negative effect on my attitude?

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