Monday, October 25, 2010

quilt repair

This is what I found when I got out Jack's Quilt to put on our bed. I have one square repaired by covering it with another square of fabric which I appliqued  using the needle turn method. I knew this needed to be  done but I had forgotten about it.

The second picture shows the repair to all four squares and the little bit of hand quilting.  The quilt is now on our bed and I will start on stitching down the hanging sleeves on the wall hanging.

Before I do that I am going to dismantle my cutting table. We stopped at the store to get some celery and stuffing for dinner and I bought another Lifetime adjustable height 2" x 4" table.  My cutting table is to hard to move around with the carpeting on the floor in my sewing room. I used to have a flat rug with no padding and moving things was easy. I have been debating about what to do and tried out cutting on my other table and it works well. . The great thing is I can store both tables in a space behind my desk. I can use them side by side for one big table or use only one of them. In the low position they are great play tables when my great grand kids come. I have plans to re-purpose the parts from the cutting table.

Right now I am  set up with one in front of my machine and one to the left both at the same  height as  my sewing  table  and I am all ready to machine quilt the next 2 quilts. Let the finishing  frenzy begin!

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Anonymous said...

Looking good. I can hardly wait to see what you bring on Tuesday to Friendship. Suzy had her red and yellow friendship pinwheels last night. Judy finished her scrap piece and it is fantastic.
See you on Tuesday. K