Saturday, October 23, 2010

Up on the wall

When I said I had to move my desk so I could put my quilts up on the wall Jack said he would do it. The desk is hard to move and he is able to reach the wall. I think he was worried that if he didn't do it I would be up on the ladder.
We put them up using thumbtacks. Yes I KNOW that is not the way to hang quilts. These are both small and they are not heirloom quilts and I have no room to have things sitting around waiting to be hung properly. Besides that, I have a hard time putting off my gratification. Eventually I  plan to have a large piece of Homasote on the wall so I can pin to it but for now this is it.
I cleaned off my desk for the photo and then I put almost everything away except the things I am going to work on. It has been several days since I actually sewed something and I am so ready to sew.

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