Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another finish

I got all the yo yos made 2 days ago and today I finished tying them on the quilt. I used #10 yellow crochet cotton to tie them on and it wasn't easy! I cut a long piece of the crochet thread and  doubled it and put the loop through the needle and then I pulled the loop down to the end so I had four strands to pull through. I had pulled the blue yo yos tighter in the center so sometimes I was coming up through a gather. The red ones were a little easier because I wasn't able to pull the gathers at the  center so tight , probably because the fabric was Kona Cotton and a little  heavier.
You can see the entire quilt on my October 28 post.

I was congratulating myself  on having finished everything and then I remembered that I have a whole boat load of stuff that is in various states of construction.  I don't know how I could forget them because they are everywhere cluttering up my space. I guess I was just so happy to have finished these 4 projects and to have some of them  hung that I forgot about what is left to do. Most of them can wait for a  while. I eventually finish almost everything that I actually intend to finish and I never feel any urgency to get things done or any guilt about not doing it. Every once in a while I decide that something doesn't appeal  to me enough to finish it; so I don't.
 I do have one big project hanging  around for years and I am not sure I will ever  finish it but I am going to get it out and set up and see how it goes. More on this  another time.

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