Sunday, January 23, 2011

Organization and Inspiration

After I finish something or several somethings I often get to a point where I can't focus on what I want to do next. I shuffle things around and haul things out or start to put things away and find something of interest and take it out (along with a bunch of other stuff) to do something with it and then I lose interest for one reason or another. Once I get focused on something I can stay with it until it is done or until I reach a place where I  need to let it rest before I make another decision about it.

I finished the 3 small DNP quilts and I have been rattling around trying to get started on something else. It is not as though I don't have anything I need to do. There has certainly been plenty of time; with all the snow and icy weather we had last week, I have stayed home a lot.

Yesterday I did the laundry and cleaned everywhere but my sewing room and we went to church for the Saturday evening service so we wouldn't have to deal with the snow this morning.  So today I have nothing to do but get focused. I know I work better without a big mess around me so I started again to make order out of chaos. I got all my rulers hung up again on the wall. I have more rulers than this but they are ones I either don't use often or ones I have never used and wonder why I had to have them. The ones I use all the time, I hang alone on one nail with nothing that I have to move first to get them down. I do have some that I can use interchangeable and those I hang more than one on one nail.
I plan to use the space above the rulers for 3 or 4 small quilts with large graphic designs that don't invite you to move in close to see them. It is not easy to get close to the high space to see detail.
I did  not make the sherenschnitte picture. I bought it at a craft show. The artist is Carol Sotkiewicz and I am not sure whether or not it was her original design; that didn't matter to me as the cutting is well done and it is nicely framed and I love the concept of the timeline of a woman's life.  

This is what I have right now on the wall adjacent to the rulers. The giraffe fabric is a batik panel that I was so excited about. I was sure I would go right home and work on it. DIDN'T HAPPEN! To the right of that is one of many blocks that were inspired by Victoria at BumbleBeans Inc and her 15 minutes of play. I have been rolling this project around in my mind for a while and want to  get it  started done. Below the wonky star is a Quails Nest block that I cut in quarters and rearranged to make a new block. I am going to make 2 more and make a bright summer table runner. The little house square is from Beth at Love Laugh Quilt. It is a little printed  square that she sent to everyone who participated in the Friendly Neighborhood project.   These are all things I put there to give me inspiration.

BTW, this is the other side of the room, not much different than when I started cleaning up several days ago, except it is worse. Oh well.........things around here always get worse before they get better.  One hour from now it will all be back where it belongs. However, I will not be showing any time stamped photos.

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