Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quilt top finished

I finished this baby quilt top today. It is 53 x 43 and my backing fabric is only 40 inches wide and not quite 54 inches long so I will have to piece the back. I am not going to piece the batting I will be going out in the morning to get that. I am usually not fast but I really wanted to see this one all  put together.
It seems that no matter how  much rearranging I do when I am putting the blocks up randomly there are always some that are the same fabric side by side. No matter, the rule is..... random is random! These blocks look wonky in the photo  but they are not, Maybe it is  an optical  illusion or maybe it is just my eyes.
When I do a border like this one, I sew the strips to the outside blocks instead of sewing them together and then sewing a long border strip to the quilt it is easier for me to get it right this way. I will quilt in the ditch around the blocks and I will  just run the quilting right to the edge of the quilt.It makes a nice sturdy quilt that will hopefully get a lot of wear and tear.

I have to thank my friend Fran for getting me interested in getting this one started. I had only finished the other two DNP quilts because I had a stack of 9 patch blocks but I was not really interested in the pattern anymore. This is really a good "go to" pattern when you want to do something simple and fast.
I have been thinking that this would be a great pattern to use for our "Caring Quilts" at church. If we  all made 9 patch blocks using 4 inch squares we could make up quilts in no time when we need them.
We had some other blocks that we were going to all make but they are more fussy and take longer and they are smaller and almost nobody makes them. That was one of my not so hot ideas, seemed like a good idea at the time .


JoQuilter said...

I keep seeing & hearing about people who do this method, my question is: do you really think it is easier to make the nine patches, then recut them? How do you make sure you are cutting right down the middle of the block?

I am enjoying your blog.

Kathy said...

I love this version of the disappearing nine patch. The white background gives it such a crisp look.