Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tackling the UFO's

I Looked through all unfinished things that are taking up space and  there are not so many after all. Well........not compared to what some people have.
There is The BIG UFO WIP that I am  hand quilting  and two more  floral  scrappy quilts ready to layer up.

My Christmas BOM sampler is ready to layer up. I finished piecing the back for it Friday and thought I would get it done when our group at church met Saturday but I forgot my pins. This is the back at the left. I used 5 blocks that I had left after I put the top together. I have one block left that I had framed with red but it didn't fit in the row and it is just going to have to stay  left over out.You can see the top on my December 15 post. The section with the green and the blocks is off to the side to make the back  asymmetrical but you can't see that here. I had an idea that I would make 3 quilts with the sample blocks I made for the quilt every month but after about 3 months I only made one block for a sample every month. I don't know what I would have done with the other 2 quilts if I had made them.

As I was going through everything I found some 12 inch 9 patch blocks that I made for a Disappearing Nine Patch they were all scrappy and I am not sure why I still had some. I thought I was all DNPed out. Anyway I cut up the ones that were dark in the squares that would stay uncut and put together this little 42 inch top for our community quilts lap quilts project. I was ready to stop for the night but I thought I would look for border fabric in my stash and found this blue floral stripe and added it.  Then I looked for backing and found a nice light blue floral and there was one piece that was just the right size,  no piecing. I was sure I would have to piece the batting but I looked on my shelf and had a piece, once again, just the right size. So it is all ready to layer up and quilt. There must be a reason this is working out so well,maybe  someone waiting for this one.
I still  have 12 more large 9 patch floral fabric blocks to cut up. they have the light squares that stay whole so I am putting them in a different quilt this time. Maybe I will do that tomorrow morning.
That's  all the UFOs  I have. That is pretty manageable. I am not counting my Friendship blocks because I have only had them a week and I think I am getting 2 more blocks so I can't do anything with them yet. If we get snowed in I will have plenty to keep me busy.
Now I am afraid to look around in case I find some more.

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