Monday, March 21, 2011

More small stuff

My daughter came over last Friday and she had my great grandson with her  so I had to child proof my sewing room and make room for him  to play and work at one of my adjustable height tables. That meant putting things away and rearranging the room. So.... I am not set up for quilting anything very big.  I decided before I put it back for quilting again I would work on some smaller things that are easier  to do when I am not set up for quilting.  I made place mats and pot holders with the same fabric I used for the mat I made of the hutch. I asked Jack what he thought and he said they were bright and cheerful and maybe we shouldn't use them and  mess them up.  Ahhh well, the bright and cheerful was the answer I was looking for.
There was another set of potholders nearly the same that my daughter took home along with the two table toppers.

She saw  these top two mug mats and told me she needs more mug mats. I bought these two 5 x 7 pieces at a quilt show 2 or 3 years ago. They are discharge  printed and I never did  anything with them until last week. I made 2 more using the  print that I used for the  binding on the first two. I should give them all to my daughter as I made her an apron last summer with that floral print fabric.

I liked the floral teacups so I looked through my stuff to see what I could  use to make some  more. I found a lot of floral  fabrics I could use and I like this nice springy mottled green for the background. I probably need to make a bunch more for all the girls in the family. While  I was  rummaging around I found some fabric with  fishing flies that would be perfect for the fisherman  in the family.Then would have to get  some football fabric or  something sporty for the other guys?  They probably wouldn't even care or would think it was dumb and I am not sure I want to make this a long term project.

I have one 12 inch block left over from my February  BOM sample blocks and I think I might just border it and use it for a hot pad when I need an extra layer on the table or the other hutch. Or.... maybe I should give it away or maybe I should  just put it away with all the other left over blocks from years past.  I'm thinking about it.

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