Saturday, April 23, 2011


After making 4 1/2 inch Half Log Cabin blocks for 2 days my plan is taking off in another direction. I made 24 more blocks and put them up on the wall and they didn't take up much more space than before I put them there. 
I sewed the 4 blocks on the far left side together today and I will  get back to the rest on Monday.  I am not going to make many more of these blocks at least not this size or in the same way. The first 48 were fun, the last 24 not so much. However, I do have a plan.
I am going to set them on point and frame them so they are tilted, half with yellow strips and half with red strips. I am using solid colors instead of prints in order to calm it down a bit. I will have to take a little more care when I sew the blocks together. You can see each block when it is surrounded by a frame and not all the blocks mooshed  together. I wouldn't go so far as to say each block needs to be  more coordinated, that would be ludicrious, but the sections do have to play well together.  I will probably have to make  a few (very few) more as there are bound to be some that just don't get along well with the others.
If I don't use all those scraps for the blocks I do want to do something with them; so I am going to sew them all  together to make the border. By the way, the scraps have been multiplying. You know how it is. I look through all my pink scraps and I don't have just the right size or color or whatever and so I cut a few more from my some of my smallish pieces. I have many small pieces that I could use to make one 12 inch block or maybe 2 or 3 blocks but not big enough to use for anything else. So I cut a few pink strips and a few green strips etc, etc. They may be multiplying but they are all contained in their own shoe box by color and they are all stacked up under my work table. I can sit down and I can move around and nothing is piled up on my desk or ironing board or sewing machine or other chairs.      It's a Good Thing.

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