Saturday, April 30, 2011


I have a Flimsy, I love that term. Calling it a Flimsy makes it sound like I have something finished, and so it is, the top is finished. Saying the top is finished indicates that there is more to do and of course that is true but I like the idea of having reached a completed stage of the project. I frequently become impatient with people who get hung up on rhetoric over things that don't really matter. Sooooooo...... if you feel the way I do over what to call things just ignore the above statement. 

Here it is! I like it!

Here are two of the corners.
I think I will fix the one on the left.  I had to  retrofit the corner blocks because I  sewed  the pieced borders to the inner border strip before I sewed it to the quilt. That seemed to me the best way to handle what might be stretchy borders. For some reason instead of removing the light pink strip I trimmed the corner block. I will only have to take out four 6 inch seams and replace the narrow dotty pink strip with a wide strip on the left side of the block. I would probably leave it if that light pink floral didn't bother me it is  OK in other places but right there it stands out like a sore thumb. The lesson here is "if the hour is late and you are tired and find a mistake, QUIT and fix it tomorrow because if you fix it right away you will probably fix it again tomorrow anyway".

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