Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have all the blocks finished and it wasn't easy. I know putting those angled strips around the blocks is not something new but I had not done it before when I wanted all the the strips to be the same. I am sure I got the idea to frame my blocks this way because I saw it somewhere recently (very recent). Do you think I could find any tutorials anywhere to help me decide what width and length I needed to cut and how to cut my strips at an angle so I would get 2 that were the  same from each cut segment. I fiddled around for a day and a half looking on line and finally worked it out myself. They are far from perfect but they will do. I decided to tilt the red framed blocks the opposite direction so it would be less obvious that they are all a little bit off.  I hope someone will  point out the way to some good instructions. This might be the final layout, It seems like I can move things around again and again but it never gets much better than just plain random. I will decide if I want to rearrange them after I get the setting triangles cut.

  I have auditioned some fabrics and I think I am going to go with the solid red for setting triangles with a yellow 1 1/2 inch inner border and a pieced 5 inch outer border. I might go shopping for something dotty with a red background for the setting triangles because it would be more forgiving for my free motion quilting. The color here is a little off;  the photo above is more like real  life.

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