Thursday, April 7, 2011


I decided that a more colorful look  was in order for spring so I changed out my heading picture. I guess it looks more like summer than spring but summer will be here before too long.

It is also looking like springtime in my bedroom. I finished my 9 patch colorwash pillows  and they are on my bed along with the ones I couldn't find yesterday. I was going to use them "instead of" and not "along with" but I really like my faux chenille pillow and the two pillow cases that go with them (the ones in the back that you can't see. The two extra pillows in the back were in my closet but I needed the space so they went back on my bed. That makes 5 pillows that have to be removed every night.  Do you know how husbands love all those pillows? I guess as long as I am the one who takes them off the bed and puts them back on the morning it will be OK. I also have that 114 inch square log cabin quilt to take off the bed because it is too heavy to sleep under. All those seams make log cabin quilts really heavy especially with Warm and Natural  batting. It is a good thing I work out so I can lift it.

I quilted this one in sections that were 4 patterns square or 28 inches. I learned to quilt in sections just so I could make this quilt. I knew it would be impossible to handle otherwise. I drew the flowers on that gold colored paper that is for quilting and pinned it on the light areas and quilted through it; then I free handed the rest of the quilting . I added the borders after they were quilted also.

I used a lot of my floral fabric for the back of the quilt. I pieced sections that were  4 - 14" squares ,2 - 14 x 28 " rectangles or 28 inch squares. I love that back. I needed to add strips to cover my seams on the back because I did not allow enough for turning under. This was a good learning experience and I make all my large quilts this way now.
Here is a close up of one of the pillows. Probably every one of the fabrics in it are in the log cabin  quilt, I didn't check to be sure but it is a good guess. I quilted it with closely spaced wobbly lines.  After I finished sewing all  those 9 patch blocks together, I sorted through all the stuff in that box and put it all away again. I could make a bunch more pillows or a small quilt but not anytime soon.

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