Sunday, May 15, 2011

Banner quilt

Eileen asked about my banner quilt  and I looked back over my old posts and I don't see where I posted anything about it. I named this Summertime in the Land of Oz because of the yellow checkerboard section down the center of  the quilt.

 I took a class from Lorraine Torrence at a local quilt show a few years ago. I had seen her on Simply quilts and she caught my interest so when she was  scheduled for classes at the Lake Farmpark I signed up. This technique is called collage curves in her book "Design Essentials" which she has for sale on her website. If I remember correctly we drew our patterns full size on  paper we had taped together for get a large piece of paper to draw on. Then we traced off elements of the design to use as patterns. My quilt is 33 x41.  I constructed the elements and basted them to a foundation and then covered all of the raw edges with bias binding that I made from appropriate fabric.

This was a fun project and I always intended to go back and do it again but never got around to it, although I have used some of the techniques in other quilts. I was just looking through her book again and the exercise for making a collage curves quilt is a little bit like the Zen Doodle quilts in an article by Laura Wasilowski  in the April/May issue of Quilting Arts Magazine except the zen doodle quilts are fused and feature Laura's hand dyed fabrics. I think I  know what my next project is going to be.

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