Friday, May 27, 2011

Catching Up

I started out the day catching up on some block of the month projects. I had these blocks partially finished so I could  use them for demos. I had decided that I would not  make a quilt from the BOM blocks as I am still not finished with the last one. I had 2 of these blocks one was finished and the other was in 4 sections I added the narrow Kona off white strips and the larger floral strips  and it is just laying on the plaid  fabric I plan to use for the binding. The back will be the larger floral print. I  have one more 6 inch Bowtie section and I think I will  put it in my odd blocks box .
This was another BOM block project. This time I had one finished block  and 2 that were in various stages in order to demo the steps. I had  planned to make 2 that were mostly the green print but I realised that if I did that I would not have enough of the green print for the border. I  frequently decide to use fabric to make  demo blocks that I am  not really enchanted with When I  decide I like it after  all I have to decide  how I am going to make the project work with the fabric I have. I have enough to put a 3 inch border all around and I will  worry about the binding when I get there. Both of these projects are going to be family gifties. I like the term "gifties".  It sounds spontaneous and not so important as a serious gift.

The reason I started working on these today is because I wanted something to occupy my mind and  my hands while I was  impatiently waiting for fabric to arrive. I wanted something  that would not require making a big mess that  I would  have to clean up to make room to work on my next project. I am eager to start my zen doodle piece. I am going to make a smaller piece first to see how it goes. This  drawing on the right is on 11 x 14 paper and that is the size it will be . While I was thinking about starting dinner my fabric package arrived. I washed it in preparation for fusing it and I put it in the dryer for about 4 minutes and right now it is folded up in a nice neat little bundle in a plastic bag in my freezer. Freezing it makes it  perfect for ironing out the  wrinkles. I am to going iron it and apply the Wonder Under and then it will be PLAYTIME.

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