Saturday, May 7, 2011

I have a Quilt

My flimsy is no more; it is a quilt.

I have been busy working on this all week. It was too big to layer up on one table and very cumbersome to move everything and set up 2 tables so I did what I used to do and pinned the backing to the carpeting in the living room and layered it up there. It has been 2 years since the last time I crawled around on the floor pinning a quilt but I thought it was worth a try. I thought I would not be able to move the next day but all that working out at the Y has paid off.  I was stiff and rather uncomfortable in pain after I finished but the next day I didn't feel  it at all.

I did not quilt this the way I intended. I planned some rather fancy (for me) free motion quilting but after spending a whole day picking out little  tiny piled up stitches on one small area I adjusted my thinking. It is all done with the walking foot. some of it is in the ditch and other places across the  blocks or along masking tape to mark straight lines. I am not up to free motion quilting on a large piece. I convinced myself I could do it after quilting some small pieces but I was kidding myself. My thinking about this has always been to stick with what I can do well but I have seen what some of my friends have been doing and I thought that I could do it too if I was patient and careful and took my time. Not so!
Anyway....... I like it; it is bright and cheerful and I used up a lot of scraps and learned a few things  along the way.
I needed to buy a backing fabric and I stopped at Joann's (with my coupon) on my way to the quilt shop. This is what I found. The pattern is just right for this quilt and it has a nice hand. It is not  flimsy or coarse and washed and ironed nicely. I think it will play well with other bright fabrics. I have a nice 86 x 22 piece left over to play with.

This is the corner block  I used to replace the one I cut off. After I removed the other block I couldn't find the wide strip of the  dotty fabric I need to fix it so I just made a new block. Of course, I found the fabric just as soon as I finished the new block.

I still need to sew the binding down on the back and I will do it by hand because I like the way it looks and I am not in any hurry. Maybe I will have some girlfriends over to do some handwork and visit. Sounds good?

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