Monday, May 16, 2011


After looking at Laura Wasilowski's article in my Quilting Arts magazine and Lorraine Torrence's book and all the zen tangle stuff on the web I am reved up to do something new. Well, it is kind of new but there are some familiar aspects.
 There were some video exercises here After watching them I doodled around and did this. I was just playing and it was kind of fun. This is probably a lot busier than what I would interpret in fabric  I would definetly  make it a more squared off shape.
Two of my great grand  kids were over and one of them wanted to make something too. She made a picture with flowers all over.She copied the flowers from my sketch and she colored it to take home to her mother. and it kept her busy for a while. I left the sketch on my desk on purpose hoping to entice them to try making something. I wish I had taken a picture of it before they left  but when it was time to go they left in a whirlwind.  You know how it goes, find their shoes, gather up their stuff , go to the bathroom, hugs all around and then they are gone.

Today I played some more and I worked on a drawing pad that was 11 by 14 so I had to scan the sketch in 2 parts and put the 2 pictures together and over lap them in Paint. I guess I should have just used my camera instead.
I tried to keep in mind making enclosed  shapes that could be cut from fabric and there are some sections in the middle that probably would not work  out well in fabric. I am mulling this over in my mind trying to decide if I want to go ahead and start fusing fabric or if I want to get fabric that will work better for fusing. Maybe I should use colored pencils and see how it looks in color. Maybe I should print some pages to cut up and paste on large sheets of paper Maybe I should cut up colored paper and paste on large sheets of paper. Maybe I shoud just improvise. I don't know what to do next and I am impatient. 

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