Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not so easy!

I ironed all  my fabric from the freezer today and applied the Wonder Under to some of it. I did a lot of reading from  Melody's helpful stuff about fusing and Laura Wasilowski's article in quilting arts and some other things I had in a notebook. Eventually you just have to start.
This is a lot more work than I thought it would be, starting with removing the release paper in one piece. I finally got the  hang of it about half way through. I found out it works best if I pull the fabric off of the paper instead of the paper off the fabric. This is not the first time I have done any fusing and I  am sure that information is in all of the stuff I have been looking at but for some reason I never knew that.
This is my little pile of fused fabric. Not very impressive but I worked hard at getting it ready. This is the only neat place in my sewing room everything outside of this cropped photo is disaster.


No name yet zen doodle

 Melody said in her helpful  notes that she  uses an  overlay  for placement when working from her patterns. I traced mine off on tracing paper and I can pin it to my background. It is helpful when placing all of the pieces. This  is what I have so far. At this  point I like the black and white tracing better. I am undecided about what colors I want to use in the next part and not even sure what I will  work on next. I know the flowers and all the little circles/dots will be last as cutting them will  be tedious. I'm happy I decided to make a smaller piece first because it took me all day to  get just this far. Of course there were times for coffee breaks and iced tea breaks and computer breaks and fixing dinner. 

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