Friday, May 20, 2011

Playing and doodling

small drawing

Large drawing
I may have given myself a new obsession. I have been playing with the zen doodles I made the other day. I redrew my doodle from the small drawing on a larger piece of paper (actually 4 pieces taped together) it is about 27 x 32 inches. I changed some things in order to interpret them in fabric.  I have tracing  paper overlays pinned to the large drawing and I will  use those as patterns (kind of)to cut the large sections and guides to make and place the elements in each section. I  started to color in some of the elements with colored pencils but I realized that as I have no idea yet what my color palette will  be using colored  pencils was not such a good idea. I know I probably will not use black but I am so up in the air about what colors I want. I will use solids or "reads  like solids" and I am leaning toward purple, lime green and magenta but I will have to see what I find to use. Most of the time my inspiration comes from the fabric and it just draws me into the process but this is different and I have to give it some thought. I really have to buy fabric for this as I have nothing that is clamoring to get into this quilt.

This is the other thing  that I really should be giving my attention to. It is the quilt we will be using for Quilt Camp next month at our church. Click here and  here  and here to see our pics from last year.For the past several years we have had a week long class for the teens and this is the pattern we chose this year. I didn't make this sample myself; Beth, one of the ladies from the quilt group, made this one and suggested it as our quilt to make this year. It is from a book on precuts and I do not have the book and do not know the name of the book. It  uses a Jelly Roll or Roll-up and maybe some added yardage. We will let the kids buy their own fabric again this year but we are also cutting 2 1/2 inch strips for anyone who would rather use our (free) fabric. We have a lot of donated fabric and we decided that we  would cut it up and let the teens use some of it and the rest we will make into  kits that are more likely to be used than when it is all  in boxes that are sometimes mislabeled because we have moved some of it from one box to another. Sounds just like home.

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