Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another day early to bed

Yesterday was another day with the great grand kids and another day I went to bed early; so here I am up at 5 AM. That will probably mean I go to bed early tonight... up early tomorrow....  early to bed... up early.... this could get to be a trend.  It is good training for Quilt Camp next week. 

There was no sewing here yesterday. We went park hopping. We went back  to Holden Arboretum to take some pictures. I  thought it might be more interesting if I let them take the pictures.

 Ethan took this one of the #1 gnome. You can see Grace's leg and part of her arm and hair  behind him. There were a few frogs here and there.

They each had their favorite gnome.
Ethan knew right away which one he wanted to see again and photograph. He is a policeman and has a gun in a holster, handcuffs on his belt and a flashlight in his hands behind his back.

Gracie's favorite was the Candy Gnome. He was decorated by the Kirtland High School Art Club. I like him too .

His  clothes are candy wrappers and I love his beard and mustache
His hat is decorated with what looks like some kind of colorful  little gravel like candy that I can't identify as I am not up on all the newest kids candy. His eyes and his fingernails have M's That look like they were cut from M and M wrappers.
We saw several  more but not all of them, they were not close together and I  was running out of steam.  Another time I will get a photo of my favorite (so far), "Down the Rabbit Hole" which is decorated with an Alice in Wonderland theme. I think they are all very clever.
We stopped at 2 more parks before heading home. We had to check out the places we used to go when we baby sat every Tuesday. After we got home Ethan and Jack  had to go back to the playground and look for my camera. It fell out of my pocket when I was sitting on the bench. I knew from the big smile on Ethan's face when they came back that they found it. 
After their Dad picked them up, Jack fixed dinner while I rested and then I took a long nap before I uploaded the photos, read my email, and went to bed early.

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Anonymous said...

It was a pretty hot day for all that running around, even in the parks.
Take care, K