Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A busy day

Yesterday 2 of my great grand kids came for the day; they are 7 1/2  and  8 1/2.  They arrived at 7 AM and after Grace and I had our coffee she wanted to make a quilt. I had 2 charm  packs and she arranged the squares for a while but what she really wanted to do was SEW. I have a box of 3 and 3 1/2 inch squares and I had her practice sewing a straight seam on those. She ended up finishing a 12 inch block/quilt with those and sewed 4 of the charm square together but at that point she wanted to sew with pretty thread and different stitches. We layered up the 12 inch block and turned it pillow case style and I put variegated thread in the machine and let her quilt it with whatever stitch she wanted. We decided that we will  get back  to the charm square quilt when she comes again and finish it over the summer. She is full of energy and just goes at things full speed but she took her time sewing the seams and I think for a 7 year old she did an amazing job of getting her intersections to  line up. Maybe I can finally get one of the girls in the family to have an interest  in sewing/quilting.
Her  brother was  more interested in playing a game on the computer but he did have a look at  some of my fabric and picked out a few things that he liked. He is more of a "builder" but has  kind of outgrown all the building blocks I have. I should probably invest in some Lego's or Kinex;  there are 3  younger great grandsons so they will get some use.

My friend came over to work on some of the details for quilt camp and she brought lunch which we all enjoyed very much. Grace had 2 servings of broccoli cheese soup and later chastised me for telling Kim we would probably not eat it eat it if she left the rest of it at our house.  I had dinner already planned and figured it wouldn't get eaten in the next day or 2. Grace said she would  have eaten it. How many kids like broccoli?

Later in the afternoon we went out to the arboretum to work off a little energy (theirs not mine or Jack's). There where gnomes here and there along the paths and we had fun looking at all of them. They were about as tall as the kids  and all painted with different themes by local artists. I wish I had taken my camera with me.
My grandson (the dad) came for dinner and they left about 8 o'clock and I went to bed at 10:30.  Jack said he came to bed about 11 and we both slept like logs. Our usual  bedtime is more like 1 AM.
 I can't wait till they come again.

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