Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quilt Camp Day 3

I had my camera today but no new pics; I was busy and forgot to get any. I know that there were other people taking pictures though.  All of the quilts are coming together and looking good.

We went out to dinner today ( I was pretending to be too tired to cook) and afterward we went to the arboretum. This is a picture of the Feather Reed Grass that lines an area of the pond. It is so pretty and the seed heads have a lavender cast that really shows up from a little distance.
..........There is that same gnome (blue shirt) who is always a little bit ahead of me.
I took a lot of pics here today but didn't get any more of the gnomes.  This red and yellow flower caught my attention it was only one plant and I didn't see it anywhere else and it didn't have and sign to identify it so maybe it is a volunteer. I love the yellow center with the red petals around it. The individual flowers are small, about the size of Forget-me-nots.
I will have more quilt camp pics tomorrow.

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