Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quilt Camp day 4

One more day to go and I think that everyone will finish or come close. there are 2 that have finished and one that is quilting her quilt some that are at the tying stage and a few that are still attaching borders. some of our adult helpers had to miss a day or two and it slowed us down a little. We thought we had it all covered ahead of time with an extra person but life happens; overall things have gone well.
I took a couple of  pics before anyone else got there this morning but once everyone came in we all go busy and I only had time to take a few pics and they are NOT GOOD. Unfortunately I am not much of a photographer (that is putting it mildly). 
One of the girls is having a look at the presser foot. It looks like she is working on her piano key borders that are there on the table. the  photo on the right is her quilt with one of the  borders next to it pinned up on the design wall. 
Here we have someone sewing her borders on her quilt. I think this was before lunch and I am pretty sure she got to the layering stage today. The quilt below belong to 1 of the two boys in the group. He had to miss 2 days but he worked diligently today and caught up. He decided on the border tht the pattern called for instead of piano keys. It is a much faster one to make and I am sure he will get his done tomorrow. The other boy in the group was the first one to finished his quilt. He used plain outer borders. I didn't get a photo today of his quilt as it was neatly folded when I was ready to take  pictures. 
All  but one of the adults put piano key borders on their sample quilts (me included). They look nice and everyone wanted to make their border like that. They took a big chunk of time and made it necessary to piece the backs and batting on some of the quilts which also took some time. I think the piano keys slowed us down more than missing some of our adults part of the time.

Two of the kids just wanted the narrow border that was the same fabric as the horizontal strips in the blocks, no outer borders at all. that was OK with us. It is their quilt and if that is what the  want it's good with us. ....... We told  the same thing to the piano key group. We learn a  little every year; the lesson for us this year: If you don't want them to do something; DON'T USE IT ON YOUR SAMPLES. But you know what? It all works out and I think everyone is happy. It is nice for them to make some decisions about the design of their quilts as long as it is doable.

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