Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Spy top and back

 I went out today and got my thread and WonderUnder and I found something for the border of the I Spy quilt I am making for our "caring closet" at church.
I put the top and back together this  afternoon. I will finished it after I get some batting from our quilt supply closet at church.

I Spy Front 41 x 41 inches

I Spy back

I used a Moda Bake Shop pattern and tweaked it a little to fit my I Spy squares. I went through the bag with all the I Spy fabric last week and sorted and cut and bagged.  I thought I better make one myself as there is always a new baby arriving and I haven't made much for the closet recently.
Our fabric at church just seems to multiply or maybe it reproduces. More stuff appears all the time. The closet is kept locked most of the time but apparently there are enough people who have access that it isn't too hard to drop off the fabric. Most of it is not new and not all of it is quilt fabric but some it is very nice.  It always needs to be sorted and put in one box or another so it will be used. 

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